Albert Nyquist retired from Northwest Florida State College in 2009 after a 20-year career teaching economics courses, primarily at the Fort Walton Beach Campus.

Mr. Nyquist created the C. Albert Nyquist Scholarship Endowment with a gift of $30,000 to support students and repay the benefits he received from his own education and from his time teaching. He served 26-years in the United States Air Force, enlisting initially as an electronics technician and retiring as an officer. His military career allowed him to travel internationally and work on classified projects. Mr. Nyquist is an avid gardener who maintains an 850 square-foot garden with a variety of vegetables. He is also an avid reader of fiction novels.

Notably, Mr. Nyquist has indicated that proceeds from his estate will further support this endowment. He intends to provide an initial gift of $4,000 to create a restricted scholarship that will provide funding for an award in the 2021-22 academic year. He desires to provide such an award each year until the endowment is self-sustaining. The C. Albert Nyquist Scholarship supports a NWFSC student enrolled full-time in a business field.

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