2016 Against the Odds Award Recipient

“Against the Odds” is a phrase created for people like Jacob Woodhams, a 2009 graduate of Northwest Florida State College.

Traveling Highway 98 on his way home from the Panama City zoo, his SUV began to barrel roll and flipped approximately five times. Miraculously, Jacob suffered neither broken bones nor internal injuries, but his TBI created an “Odds” that he would have to work against. And work he did. The 25-year old’s left side has been affected and he received months of physical therapy to recover the complete use of his arm and leg.  While not entirely recovered, he works every day to maximize the use of his limbs with the goal of getting to the point where he can drive again. As one might expect of a person who perseveres, Jacob returned to NWF and enrolled in the college’s BAS Program with an emphasis on Healthcare Management and is maintaining a 3.33 grade point average. He credits NWF for providing him a quality education close to home and preparing him for his future educational pursuits.

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