Eric Scott


Put together a beach-loving, piano-playing nurse committed to his career and you have Eric Scott.  The first two are off-duty pursuits, the third is his passion.  Nursing is a demanding, high-stress job, but when you love what you do, those negatives fade into the distance.  Eric just happens to love what he does.

Graduating with his RN degree from NWFSC last May, Eric kept sight of his educational goals and is currently studying for his Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree while working in the Medical Surgical Unit at Fort Walton Beach Medical Center.

A native of Culman, Alabama, Eric attended Troy University as a music major.  He began playing the piano at the age of 9 and thought Music Education would be his natural career path.  But, he had a change of heart, moved to Fort Walton Beach and got a job as a medical technician.  After being accepted into NWFSC’s RN Program, Eric envisioned a different future.

“I really enjoyed my nursing classes.  Nurses don’t become nurses because they want to become rich; they do it because of their desire to serve and help others,” Eric said.  Eric hopes to one day transition into Critical Care nursing with the ultimate goal of becoming a Traveling Nurse.

Eric is the recipient of the Willard and Helen Frogner Nursing Scholarship and is a great example of the future of nursing – a young man in a high-demand career who is pursuing advanced education – all in his quest to better his own life while doing the same for his patients.

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