Cadey Moody


Cadey Moody remembers being in her “Management Philosophy and Practice” class this past summer when her professor, Dr. David Goetsch, told the class, “Management is planning, organizing, leading and controlling.” Moody recalls thinking, “Those are the four things I know,” and it set her on her current path toward a Bachelor of Science in project management from Northwest Florida State College.

The first person in her family to attend college, Moody graduated with her associate in arts degree from NWF in May before embarking on the bachelor’s program. That she has made it this far in her college education is something she attributes to the help of a scholarship awarded through the NWF State College Foundation. Moody delivered a heartfelt speech at the Foundation’s annual Scholars and Donors Luncheon on Oct. 23, telling the audience her scholarship “has made dreams that I never deemed possible come true” and thanking the donors whose generosity makes such scholarships possible.

“When you donate a scholarship to this institution, it’s not just a financial investment that you make. It’s a statement of belief in us to go on and reach new heights,” Moody told the donors on behalf of all scholarship recipients. “Thank you for keeping us humble, and thank you for being the perfect example of what selfless giving looks like.”

Another topic the Crestview resident is passionate about is the benefit of getting an education at Northwest Florida State College. In fact, she often shares her thoughts about NWF with the students she teaches as a substitute teacher at her alma mater, Crestview High School.

“It just makes sense to me,” she says of attending NWF State College. “It’s affordable. Foundation scholarships are available if you just apply.”

Moody also cites small class sizes, the opportunity to get to know her classmates, and the quality of the instructional staff as advantages of attending NWF.

“You will not find better teachers and professors than at Northwest Florida State College. Every class I’ve taken here, they take the time to know the student as a person,” said Moody, who hopes to graduate with her B.S. by spring 2017 and put her project management degree to work in the local area.

“I love telling high school students to come here because I’ve had such a good experience here. I believe in the education I’ve gotten here.”

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