1999 Distinguished Alumni Recipient

In looking back at my years at OWCC, I find it difficult but at the same time very easy to single out experiences that have benefited my career and life over the years. While there were many individual educators who influenced my life, the one commonality was that I was a person, not a number, at OWCC. The administration and staff would always take the time to give individualized attention to the students. They made the necessary time for anyone who wanted to succeed. They were “real people.” I have tried in my career to remain a “real person” as I was fortunate enough to grow professionally within our organization. My door remains open for anyone because “open door policy” is a reality, not just a phrase. I make rounds of our facility each day to visit with the employees and patients and I’m “Wayne,” not “Mr. Campbell.” Again, in looking back, I can say my management style was greatly influenced by the people at OWCC.

One more key attribute of OWCC that I noticed in the past and that continues to the present is the continued involvement in our community. During my OWCC years, I noticed this involvement and the positive impact it had on the growth and prosperity of our area. I have tried throughout my career to be an active player in the community in which I lived through both personal and professional involvement. I am most proud of the fact that I have had the opportunity to give back to the communities I served. I thank OWCC for laying the foundation for my success and look forward to continued involvement with the college and this great community.

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