NWF State College Receives Donation from National Boiler Service


July 12, 2018

NICEVILLE, FL – The Northwest Florida State College received a very generous in-kind gift from National Boiler Service (NBS) estimated at $9,903. This gift consists of several machining items including pumps, motors, flanges and couplings that will be utilized by the NWF Welding program. National Boiler Service and NWF have had a successful partnership for over 4 years. National Boiler Service consistently reaffirms their partnership with NWF State College due to a consistent 100% pass rate of NWF alumni on the Master Millwright exam, well over the national average of 29%.

Thank you National Boiler Service!

For more information about this gift or partnership opportunities, please contact the NWF State College Foundation office at (850) 729-5357 or foundation@nwfsc.edu.


National Boiler Service Inkind Gift 
Rodger Boyd, Director of Human Services at NBS; Scottie Smith, NWF State College Welding Professor; Larry Brown, Project Manager, NBS



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